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How long does a building inspection usually take?

Generally, a condition report will take approximately 90 Minutes. 

A status report will take about 30 Minutes.

When will I receive my building inspection report?


All reports will be sent out within 24 hours of the site inspection.

What happens if I have questions about my building inspection report? Or don’t understand the report?

Part of our service includes as much time over the phone, to discuss and explain our findings. So don't worry if you have questions. We will help you understand everything. 

What does an unapproved structure mean?

Specific work in the Northern Territory is required to have a Building Permit & Completion documentation issued. If we attend the site and find a structure that is subject to these conditions, and that has not had any building permit issued, then this may be deemed as an unapproved structure. 

What does "expired" mean on a status report?

An expired status may suggest that the works never received an occupancy permit or certificate of completion. Building permits will expire after 2 years from the issue date of the permit.

What does "registered" mean?

A registered status may suggest that a Building Permit was issued before 30th May 1984 meaning this Building Permit was issued under Building Ordinance 1955, which did not have provisions for the issue of a certificate of occupancy for class (1) & (10) structures.

Whom can I contact if "unapproved" work is located?

We recommend contacting Building Advisory Services & a Building Certifier. They will be able to assist you with what the next steps are. 

What is a pre-purchase inspection?

A pre purchase inspection is an opportunity to have an independent company inspect the property you are looking to buy. It is proven that investing in a pre purchase building inspection can save you thousands. Contact us today to discuss your inspection options. 

Building Inspections Darwin, is it worth it?

Darwin is a buyers beware market. Meaning there may be no legal obligation for a seller to have works approved, defects repaired etc. So yes, we think it is absolutely worth it. Our Building Inspections in Darwin are a fraction of the cost of your overall investment. 

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