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A Pre-Purchase condition report is a non-invasive visual inspection of the condition of the property. This report will give you a great understanding of the condition of materials found, the level of maintenance up-kept on the property & how the property compares to a property of a similar age, construction & location. 

Identifying defects before purchasing or settling on a property can potentially save you thousands.​

Our Pre-Purchase reports will identify the below, visible items. 


✅ Minor Defects (Maintenance Items)

✅ Major Defects

✅ Safety Hazards

✅ General Observations

If you would like to see a sample Pre-Purchase condition report, please contact us and our team will arrange this for you.

When it comes to building inspectors in Darwin, it is important you ensure you choose a reputable, experienced & insured company. CT Quality Building Inspections is proud to be able to tick these boxes. Be sure to contact us for your Darwin Building Inspection needs. Our friendly team will be happy to help!


Please take time to read through our terms & conditions, which gives you an insight into the report, inclusions, exclusions etc. 

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